Online Dispensary

Welcome to the Alpine Valley Wellness Center’s Online Dispensary

Most patients are unaware  of the incredible value our dispensary provides to our patients. For one, it allows us to offer cost effective, professional-grade supplements to our patients in a convenient fashion. As you are aware, consumer reporting and research has shown that many products available through online sources such as or offered in big box  chains are substandard and may not even contain what is on the label. Counterfeiting and adulteration are other problems consumers face when purchasing supplements. Through our association with high level, professional companies that have stringent quality control mechanisms in place, we can offer supplements that are of the highest quality and purity. For more on this, please see our Natural Pharmacy page.

In addition, current insurance reimbursement does cover all of the important services we offer, such as lifestyle counseling, medical education, and services we do to facilitate your medical care in the background. Our dispensary sales subside these services so that, in many cases, we can provide them free of cost. So, thank you very much for purchasing your supplements with us.

While we carry many different kinds of supplements, we are unable to stock everything our patients need. We recognized that we needed a convenient, cost-effective way to provide these “special orders” to our patients. For that reason, we are now working with an online dispensary solution called Fullscript. Please note that  supplements prescribed by a naturopathic physician in Washington are not subject to sales tax.

Fullscript will assist patients in more easily accessing many of their recommended supplements and other natural products.  Fullscript is an online dispensary that will ship products directly to you so that they are received within a few days.  At this time, only products we do not carry in our onsite dispensary are accessible through this virtual dispensary. To purchase through Fullscript, please click on the green Fullscript button below and start ordering!

Please note that Dr. Thomas is not available during the noon hour except by special arrangement and that you may need to go out several weeks to find an appointment slot with her.

If you have any questions about this process or about our dispensary, please call us at 509-886-9355.