The Journey

Struggling with emotional Pain? The Journey can help!

The Journey is a therapeutic process created by Brandon Bays in 1992 when she was grappling with a difficult cancer diagnosis. During this process, Brandon found she had to confront deep-seated “emotional stuff” that was standing in the way of her healing. The brilliant process she created to do this  has liberated thousands of people around the world, freeing them from physical and emotional pain.

How can The Journey help me?

The Journey is a guided process, completely customized to you, that helps you explore your feelings in a safe and gentle way. That is why it is called The Journey – traveling into your feelings can provide unexpected insights, resolutions, and wisdom. Certainly an adventure worth experiencing.

Dr. Piscopo, who has been trained in this process and has spent hundreds of hours helping people with it, will take you through the simple but profound steps. These steps are the pathway to not only  terminating painful emotions, but to also teach you new skills in dealing with your feelings generally.  It is often the case that giving yourself permission to experience your feelings in a new way can help you transform your relationship with them, bringing an end to emotional pain.

What is the basis of The Journey?

The Journey is based in Western psychological tradition. Much of its structure, which deals with areas ranging from forgiveness and closure to optimal management of attention, is squarely in alignment with recent research on happiness and positive psychology. It has no religious affiliations, nor is it based in Eastern philosophy. It is not hypnotherapy, nor does it rely on subconscious programming. It can therefore be used by people of any background, even children over the age of seven. Children and people with psychosomatic issues also have the option of doing The Physical Journey, which is a type of Journey process that involves a dialogue with the physical body.

How many sessions are required?

The Journey is typically a one session process per issue. Some people have multiple issues, each of which may require one Journey process. A small number of people, especially those who have done or are doing counseling, may only need this one session. Most people, however, benefit from a pre-session consultation and a follow up consultation after the actual Journey experience to aid in integrating The Journey experience into their lives. This is especially true for people with complex problems, people who have difficulty feeling their emotions, family related problems, or problems you have had for a long time.

How long are the sessions? How much do they cost?

The sessions last from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours, depending on the complexity and intensity of the emotions you are dealing with. The session goes as long as you need it to, because it is tailored specifically to you and your needs. The Journey sessions cost $60/per hour.

What conditions are not treated?

People with serious mental health conditions that require medications, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, should not do The Journey without their provider’s approval. This includes people who are currently in therapy for complex problems such as addiction, abuse, couples’ therapy, or family of origin work. Likewise, people with serious cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s Disease typically do not benefit from this process.

While The Journey can be a stand alone intervention for people in emotional pain, it does not replace psychotherapy. In fact, it can actually augment psychotherapy by providing relief from emotional pain and bringing closure to difficult life experiences such that more material is available for discussion with a trained therapist.

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