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430 Elva Way
East Wenatchee WA 98802
Telephone: 509-886-9355
Email: alpinebewell (at)

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  • Please do not send medical or healthcare information by email, text, or social media as these avenues are not HIPAA compliant.
  • Prescription (Rx) refills are currently a challenge. Pharmacies are frequently overwhelmed and understaffed. They will often tell you that your doctor “never called the RX in.” This is very often not the case and they often lose, misplace, or have forgotten to take the Rx off their fax or voice mail. 
  • If you have a supplement request or refill, it is often faster to communicate with us by email
  • For medical issues, the best way to communicate is by phone.
Clinic Hours and Physician Availability

Our clinic hours can fluctuate due to emergencies, vacations, holidays, and staffing challenges. Please call us to get the latest hours.  Dr. Thomas typically has appointments on Monday through Friday. Dr. Piscopo typically sees patients on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Emergency Contact

For all critical, psychiatric, or life-threatening emergencies, please call 911 or proceed immediately to your local hospital. The clinic is not set up to do these kinds of emergency interventions.


Insurance information and information concerning which insurance plans we take can be found on our Insurance Information page. We do not take Aetna, state insurance like Molina Healthcare, or Medicare/Medicaid at this time. 


Please do not text our physicians. They most often will not have access to your chart and will not be able to assist you. There is a $50 charge if you do this. 


The clinic physicians carry a pager for appropriate emergency contact with established clinic patients. Our pager number is always available by calling our office number, listed above. To be clear, an emergency is a health problem which you think is serious enough that it definitely cannot wait until the next working day. There is a charge of $25 per page unless one of the doctors specifically asks you to page them (For why, please see our FAQ). As your insurance company does not cover this expense, you will be responsible for paying this charge. While pager technology is generally quite stable, there are a number of reasons it can fail. For this reason, it is very important that you proceed to an Urgent Care center or Emergency Room in a serious situation if you do not hear back from your physician after a short period of time.

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