Our History

1996 Alpine Valley Natural Health Clinic



The Alpine Valley Wellness Center was originally known as the Alpine Valley Natural Health Clinic and began life in 1996. We (Dr. Thomas and Dr. Piscopo) purchased our first home on Fifth St. in Wenatchee and converted most of it into our clinic space. Our living room became the waiting room, the dining room became the office, and the secondary bedrooms became the two treatment rooms. For three years, we basically lived in the master suite and kitchen.


In 1999, we moved the clinic into a professional office space surrounded by several dentists. It was a bittersweet transition, as both we and our patients missed the comfortable, homey atmosphere of the original clinic space. However, the expanded space afforded us more treatment rooms and a more professional image. It also gave us back our house so that we finally invite our friends over to socialize.


By 2005, we became aware of a need to once again transition. The clinic space was not only becoming too small for our medical and wellness activities, but we also found ourselves desiring a change of focus. It had always been our dream to create a wellness center in which we could collaborate with other practitioners. We were excited to find that we were finally in the place where we could make this a reality.

2007 Alpine Valley Wellness Center



After looking for two years, we were disappointed to discover that there were no potential office buildings in Wenatchee that a) had most of the useable space on the main floor and b) had enough land to put in the required number of parking spaces. We were fortunate, however, to have the services of realtor Sharon Ventrello, who found us not one but two suitable sites in East Wenatchee. After collaborating with many talented people, including Sharon’s wonderful husband Harvey who did the construction for the remodel, we moved into our new Wellness Center in July 2007.


AVWC Landscape 2016