About AVWC

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Piscopo

The Alpine Valley Wellness Center (AVWC) is an integrative medical facility that draws from the best of conventional and natural medical strategies. We offer a wide range of modalities, from primary care, women’s health, and pain management services to injection therapy, counseling, and healthy aging optimization. Dr. Piscopo and Dr. Thomas integrate evidence-based interventions from conventional, naturopathic, and Chinese medicine together with several ground-breaking psycho-emotional approaches to assist their patients in a comprehensive fashion.

As our name suggests, we offer not only excellent medical care but also innovative approaches to health enhancement, prevention, and wellness. Building on the principles of education, effectiveness, and ecology, all of our interventions are tailored to the individual needs and orientations of our patients.

Please call us – we are confident we can be of service to you!