Pandemic Re-Emergence Guide

Safely and Intentionally easing Into the "New Normal"

Please check out our referenced Pandemic Re-Emergence Guide, which is being updated as new, expert medical information becomes available.

Family Wellness

Functional Medicine for Families

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas is an expert in functional medicine for families, based on over 20 years of practice and a deep understanding of the medical literature.

Pain Management

Comprehensive Pain Relief

Ready to take your life back?  Together, we can help you move past your pain and open your life to new possibilities.

Women's Health

Natural Hormonal Solutions

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas’ unique functional medicine approach offers highly successful solutions for both men and women.

New Patients

Integrative Mental Health

Feeling bad? We know how to help.

You’re The Best!

“As consumers, we have the choice to align our money with our values every day. Where we chose to shop, or eat, or play, can reflect our values. Healthcare is no different. We deeply appreciate that you have chosen to be part of our wellness community and that you appreciate the value of proactive, consistent, and comprehensive healthcare in a society that often chooses quick fixes and convenience over value and sustainability.

It takes vision to have perspective. Thank you for being part of our vision for providing excellent healthcare!”

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas and Dr. Gary Piscopo
AVWC Founders

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Association