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Experience the kind of integrative medicine healthcare that opens the door to an unlimited capacity for energy, enjoyment, and feeling great.

Don’t Let Poor Health Limit You

Living with a body that doesn’t work right or feel right is miserable. Having your life locked down and not able to function and enjoy opportunities is limiting. This isn’t how your life is supposed to be. And not knowing how to fix it makes it even worse. At the Alpine Valley Wellness Center, we get it.

We also understand that you have probably tried many treatments, seen other medical providers, and taken many remedies. They may have helped for a while but they didn’t solve your problem. You’re still feeling awful, tired, unhappy, and frustrated. It’s not fair. Everyone deserves to enjoy their life, to be free of pain, and to have fun with their loved ones.

Finding Relief: Getting Answers

It doesn't have to be this way. Our physicians have over 40 years of combined clinical experience, have seen hundreds of patients, have worked with teams of medical practitioners and have a robust referral network right here in the Wenatchee Valley. We have helped many people, just like you, to overcome their challenges and open their lives to becoming unlimited.

Having your doctors all in one place makes sense in terms of convenience, easy access, and healthcare coordination. At the Alpine Valley Wellness Center, we offer an expert team of experienced primary care providers and other associates with expertise in a wide variety of fields.

These fields include:

  • Primary Care/Functional Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
  • Women’s Health
  • Integrative Family Medicine
  • Mold and Toxicity Exposure
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatrics and Pregnancy Optimization
  • Integrative Mental Health and Mood Support
We also work collaboratively with numerous medical professionals, institutions such as Confluence Health, and high-quality diagnostic laboratories in order to provide optimal care for our patients.

We can't wait to help you!

Become Unlimited

Our Approach To Successful Medical Care

Health care – not disease care – is the essence of our approach at Alpine Valley Wellness Center. We believe that health is dynamic, that quality of life is a result of actualizing possibilities, and that wellness begins not with a scalpel or a pill but with choices – your choices.

We create a therapeutic relationship focused on successfully addressing your medical and wellness issues, creating a treatment plan based on your input and evidence-based options, and optimizing activities that lead to maximal health. Because both you and your physician contribute to making this therapeutic relationship successful, one way to describe our approach is to speak in terms of contributions.

Our Contribution

  • Being effective: we utilize an integrative, functional medicine approach to successfully address physical, psycho-emotional, pain, and hormonal health issues.
  • Individualized care plans: We create tailored, patient-centered solutions that are exclusive to each patient.
  • Focus on education: we take the time to explain how, what, and why things are happening so that you can make intelligent health decisions.
  • Team approach: we work with a broad range of local medical professionals in order to optimize your care

What Makes the Alpine Valley
Wellness Center So Effective?

  • Unconvinced after many other attempts? “Can you really handle hard, complex medical issues?” Yes! We have 40+ years of combined medical experience, solved many difficult medical cases, and have an extensive array of resources in our community
  • Unsuccessful after trying for so long? “Will be a lot of time-consuming tests and protocols?” Our approach and treatment options are personalized to you with your informed consent
  • Uneconomical and expensive high-cost offerings? “Can you work within my budget?” We accept most insurance plans and are sensitive to the financial realities of our patients
  • Unacceptable and hurtful statements? “Is it really all in my head? Do I just have to live with it like medical people keep telling me?” In many case, no. We take the time to listen and deeply explore your medical issues with you to get to the root of your problem
  • UNLIMITED! Partner with us – together, we can make a difference!

Break Free: Our Unlimited Plan


01. Listen

We begin by listening about your life to create a comprehensive evaluation.

02. Treatment

We create an expertly developed treatment plan, tailored to you.

03. Care

You receive personalized attention and care as you and your doctor work to achieve your treatment goals.

04. Enjoy!

Abundant energy, sleeping well, pain free, feeling good. Start living your life Unlimited!

Time Is Limited

You have no doubt seen articles like, "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying." You may even personally know people or loved ones who regretted not paying attention to that nagging symptom or not getting that test or not changing their lifestyle habits before they ended up needing that surgery, hospitalization, or nursing home placement.

But if you start early enough and work with a knowledgeable, experienced integrative clinician, there are reasonable, specific health actions you can take to reduce your risk, protect yourself from tragedy, and extend your enjoyment of life.

Healthiscaping ™ - Assess Your Personal Health Landscape

The emerging scientific view of the human body is that it is not a dumb machine but rather an amazingly complex ecosystem. In many ways, it is like your garden or your landscape. That’s why we call it a “health landscape.”

This ides of a unique ecosystem is one of the ways we work with you at the Alpine Valley Wellness Center (AVWC). To get a sense of how healthy your ecosystem is right now, this Personal Health Landscape Assessment we created can offer some surprising insights. If you like, you can even bring it to your first appointment with us so we can go over it together. Just click on the “Yes, Please” button below.

Are you ready to enjoy the insights waiting for you in your FREE Personal Health Landscape Assessment?

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