Family Wellness

Functional Medicine for Families

Insomnia? Fatigue? Dr. Jacqueline Thomas works with many issues that affect the health of families. Using an advanced functional medicine approach based on over 20 years of practice, she addresses issues from digestive complaints, food allergies, and gut-brain problems to fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, and pediatrics.

Pain Management

Comprehensive Pain Relief

Ready to take your life back? Research shows that the root of happiness lives in your relationships. Let Dr. Piscopo work with you to spend less time with doctors and more time with the people you love. We will create a personalized, integrative program to reverse your pain, whether that involves physical, emotional, or mental distress. Together, we can help you move past your pain and open your life to new possibilities.

Women's Health

Natural Hormonal Solutions

Endocrine and hormonal issues stemming from imbalances in the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive systems affect men and women. Dr. Jacqueline Thomas’ unique functional medicine approach offers comprehensive solutions for both.

New Patients

Integrative Mental Health

Depression? Anxiety? ADHD? Physical and mental health are intimately connected. We offer several solutions to help optimize mood and quality of life.